Perfect Proposal Ideas Start with the Ring

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In life so many things are not simply about the act itself, but about the presentation. Consider how much time a five star restaurant takes to plate a simple salad, transitioning it merely from the second curse to an artful delight of greens.

The same holds true for a perfect proposal. The ring is clearly the main attraction, something that she will wear for decades and pass onto your kids one day. However, the ring deserves a proper presentation.

Personalize Your Perfect Proposal

Personalizing that big moment and taking the time to really prepare will make memories and become a treasured story to share. History Think back to the highlights of your relationship.

Your first date, the first time you saw her, a first, that romantic first weekend getaway, all of these moments led up to this important moment. Maybe reenact the first date, but this time end it by pulling out the ring box and seeing the smile on her face as she says yes while you slip the sparkling ring onto her finger.

Use Landmarks

Another great sentimental approach is revisit several important landmarks form your dating relationship, and finishing up the night with the proposal. Fairytale Ever one has heard that a wedding day is long awaited, a moment to feel like a princess. Capture that magic by creating a proposal from a fairytale.

Carriage rides at night are incredibly romantic, and surefire way to set the mood. Big cities are known for offering carriage rides; from New York to New Orleans it is easy enough to prearrange the ride so that the driver can help accommodate you.

Bring along champagne to celebrate, and see if the driver can provide an ice bucket. Plan for the driver to stop in front of favorite spot or a romantic view to set the scene for the big moment, also this can serve as a cue to get you ready to ask for her hand.

Fairytale moments can be created anywhere, even at home with romantic candle lighting and roses. Sharing this private moment with just the two of you is sure to make a true romantic swoon.

Apps for Your Perfect Proposal

Apps For the technology minded beau, there is even an app for proposing. Ways to Propose and Amazing Ways to Propose are two free apps for iOS that offer up great proposal ideas.

Ways to Propose keeps a fresh list of 20 top ideas, and users can even add in their own tips or ideas to help others ready to take their relationship to the next level. Marriage Proposal Ideas is a free app for Android users, along with unique proposal ideas it also features videos.

101 Marriage Proposals LITE is a free version of the full 101 Marriage Proposal Ideas app for Android, and features exact scenarios, what to do, and how to prepare for a proposal suited to your beloved.

Techies can even continue the app preparations with Wedding Date ($0.99 for iOS) that allows for up to minute wedding planning, once she says yes.


Proposing is as unique as the ring that you pick out. She may have tipped you off with a few well-placed pictures, or less subtle jewelry store browsing, that will keep you on the right track.

A girl that loves surprises will enjoy the spontaneous proposal, and if you need help choosing the ring get a friend involved. Just make sure her friend will keep the secret.

When in doubt jewelers and jewelry store staff are always a fount of information. One of the most highly recommended websites for doing engagement ring research is a site called by Paul Gian.

A classic proposal down on one knee, making eye contact, while holding a princess cut or round cut diamond ring will never get turned down when it is true love.