Bridesmaid Dresses And How to Hem Yhem

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Bridesmaid dresses are often bought without the bridesmaid being there to try it on. There may be a huge distance between where the two of you live, or your bridesmaid might be a young child, who is not going to be thrilled with trying dresses on.

Whatever the reason, one of the most useful things you can learn how to do, is hem a bridesmaid’s dress. This will enable you alter the length of the dress and it’ll save you a fortune. Best of all the same technique can be applied to any dress. You’ll be set up for life! Start your own business even! (Steady on…)

Before you go pondering how marvellous I am to know how to hem bridesmaid dresses, it’s worth mentioning that my information source is a respected DIY site, therefore this tutorial is much more likely to work than, if I’d just had a guess at how it’s done!! Happy sewing!

How to hem bridesmaid dresses

First of all you’ll need to unpick the hem that is already there. You need to be very careful not to rip the material. Delicate fabric requires even more care. Use a special tool called a seam ripper, if you have one (makes it a lot easier) or do it by hand. To get rid of the fold marks, you’ll then need to iron it.

Get your bridesmaid to try the dress on. (Yes you will need to be in the same room with her at some point, unless she can give you accurate dress length measurements over the phone) She needs to be wearing the shoes that she’ll be wearing at the wedding. Pin the fabric to length you want (put the pins on the inside of the hem) and leave a bit of extra material (about 1.5cm)

Tack the fabric (sew it roughly by hand), then take out the pins and cut off the excess. Iron the new hem. Once you’ve done all this you need to sew over your tacking properly, either using a sewing machine or carefully by hand.

Fold the fabric again using the excess and iron. It’s time to sew again. For best results, make blind hem stitches on a sewing machine and hey presto, you should have some fabulously hemmed bridesmaid dresses!