Cute Wedding Signs | Why you Need Them and Where to Put Them

wedding cute signs

Cute wedding signs are a great visual attention-grabber. If you want your guests to park in the car parking space reserved for your wedding, rather than the massive steam-punk, open-air wresting activities going on in the next function room to yours, provide a cute “Kev and Sue’s wedding car park” sign.

If you would like your guests to eat all the little cupcakes you have toiled over (for their benefit) rather than gawping at them longingly and asking everyone (but you) if it’s ok to eat the cakes, provide tiny little “eat me” signs, wrapped around a cocktail stick and stick them in! They’re easy and cheap to make and they also look great in the photos.

This photo was taken at Goosedale last weekend. The signs are the bride’s own.

Cute Wedding Signs

Given that you might be the only people whom your guests know and also the same people who are going to be mighty busy that day, it’s useful to have some cute wedding signs do some of the work for you by answering some of the more banal questions your guests might need answered:

• If the toilets aren’t clearly marked, it’s worth making a sign

• Your tables should each have a sign, giving them a name or a number, so guests can identify from the tableplan where they should sit.

• Place cards with the guests names on will show the individual which is his or her seat

• If you’re providing some sort of alternative guestbook (like a thumbprint tree or notelets that your guests type out on an old-fashioned typewriter) it may be an idea to provide a sign which explains what is expected of them. EG “This is a wedding thumbprint tree. Please use the inkpads provided to form thumbprints on the tree. Please feel free to sign the thumbprint-leaf and leave a message for the bride and groom”

• Eat me signs on food you wish your guests to help themselves to whenever they want (but it’s not immediately obvious)

• Wedding sweet bars usually display a sign indicating that guests whould help themselves

• Signs held up in your photos look great eg Mr and Mrs or thank you (If you get a good photo with a thank you sign, you can print it on your thank you cards!)

• Cute wedding signs are a necessity for any photobooth. Make sure they say something vaguely offensive or jarring for maximum comic effect

• The bride and groom’s chair often have a bride and groom sign

• If you need some cute signs, Just sparkle are Nottingham-based and make lovely sparkly Mr and Mrs signs.

Have a lovely evening.