Wedding Entertainment | How Much is Too Much?

wedding entertainment

Wedding entertainment is one of those things that you could go absolutely nuts on if your budget allows. If money is really no object, there’s no reason why you can’t hire Lady Gaga to perform on the welcoming committee and then keep the celebrities coming until George Clooney waves them off with at the end of the night (provided they agree to it of course!) However most of us are dictated to by our budgets.

An A-list superstar is beyond our means, but a wedding band in evening isn’t. Today I have a list of the usual points in the day, a spot of wedding entertainment would be welcomed by your guests.

How Much Wedding Entertainment is too Much?

During the Ceremony

• Musicians are often hired to play music as the guests enter the ceremony room to find their seats. They may also play accompanying music during the service

• Some couples hire animals or birds of prey to be ring-bearers (really!) and a dove or buttefly release is not uncommon.

Between the Ceremony and Reception

• Entertainment at this point is probably the most useful of all. It’s at this time that the bride and groom will be enticed away from the crowd by the photographer for their couple shots in all their finery.

Either that or the group shots will be arranged (leaving those not involved at a particular time twiddling their thumbs.) At the very least you’ll need to serve snakc to keep your guests happy.

Even better than that though, would be hiring in some walkabout entertainment, such a close-up magician, a lookey-likey to work the crowd or some outdoor performers.

During the Reception

• If you’ve hired a wedding magician or the like, they will usually continue their act during the meal, but it’s in the evening that you may require some music for people to dance to, whether it’s a singer, band or DJ

Good luck with booking your wedding entertainment. You could always try the Monty Manatee Wedding Supplier Directory for inspiration.

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