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Wedding accessories for men is a subject that I haven’t covered for a while, but today I have a real treat on the blog. Discount quality ties are a UK-based online business who stock gorgeous groomswear and male wedding accessories.

They’ve been going for 7 years and in that time they’ve produced an extensive collection of over 150,000 pieces, which have been bought by over 90,000 shoppers! You can see their fabulous gallery of products here:

Trends in Wedding Accessories for Men

Trends for 2014 wedding menswear are heading in the direction of brightly coloured swirls and polka dots, although plain blocks of colour never go out of date.

Purples, reds, whites and creams are still popular and I’m seeing a leaning towards cravats over ties. A lot of DQT’s range reflects current fashions. They stock an amazing array of ties, bow ties, cravats, waistcoats and other accessories.

The secret of their success lies in a classic, simple cut and a huge variety of items to suit every taste, from traditional to brilliantly innovative. DQT have just brought out their brand new Passion and Scroll ranges and to compliment them they’ve also brought out matching neckties. DQT are known for their affordable quality and prompt delivery, not to mention their enormous choice of colours!

If you’re looking for cutting edge wedding accessories for men please check out the DQT website by clicking the link above. You can shop by colour or shop by style. The range is vast and interesting and if that doesn’t tempt you, most of the men on their site look like they could be the next James Bond!


Have a super Friday everyone xx