Looking for dvArtistry? You’ve found us, but we’ve evolved and are now Imagique ( pronounced “emmajeek”), a talented team of artists working in the mediums of digital cinema, photography, and vintage super8 and 16mm film. Regardless of the medium, we specialize in documenting weddings with artistic flair and an uncompromising passion for creating the most unique, creative, and compelling wedding artwork possible. What results is a perfect combination of artistry and emotion that is as visually stimulating as it is emotionally stirring. In other words, it’s eye candy and heart candy. We are available for weddings in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and anywhere your wedding planning takes you. We look forward to hearing about your plans and how we can help make your wedding day an overwhelming success.


Samples and information about Imagique's award winning cinematography

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Click here to see some still imagery from Imagique

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Click here to see photo/cinema samples of South Asian weddings, Imagique-style.

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The very latest & greatest from Imagique

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